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In memory of my mother and grandfather 

Namaste is a Holistic space for the awakening of individual and collective consciousness, for spiritual growth, and for the psycho-physical well-being of man and the peace of the planet. 

A space for self-evolution, for children, adolescents and adults.  

Mission and Brief History.

Namaste is a new space dedicated to the evolution of human beings; for growth, transformation and sharing. 
The holistic center has as its mission the growth of self-consciousness and mental-physical-mental development through the integration of psycho-corporeal and spiritual practices that come from the ancient Yoga and Meditative tradition, from Western psychology and from oriental medicine, from shamanism to the Buddhist vision of Life.

A powerful collage of techniques and practices that see the human being in his total body / mind and spirit, and which are meant to help us to deepen the meaning of our life and to live it in fullness! 

Namaste is a place where strength and knowledge are combined, wisdom and intuition, creativity and spontaneity ... in the silence and poetry of nature. 

This project stems from a deep inner journey of Awakening and Healing that I started in 1998. In these years of hard work on myself I have revealed and recognized the deepest part of me, recognizing in myself the mission of Teacher / healer. I studied and observed my body and mind, their close relationship and I tried to free myself from conditioning, memories and fears. I accepted my deepest emotions, and day after day I work to find that subtle balance - that center and that alignment with oneself and the Universe. 
This journey within myself has profoundly changed me and given me a new reason for Life. Through great journeys, great readings, the meeting with great masters and great experiences, I have been able to reveal the woman I would like to become and what I really am "called" to realize in this Life ... 

Thus, inspired the beginning of Namaste. 

After 13 years of traveling around the world, I decided to return to Italy. And I start from where I'm "playing" ... where I find my origins ... In Puglia, which is the land of my grandparents.

Namaste is the dream that human beings make the big leap to live a conscious and enlightened life, at peace with themselves and with the universe. Namaste is the dream that we work together to fill the void of love of our society. That we work together to mend the laceration that is in us and in our relationship with the planet. That we work together to reappropriate lost values ​​that have caused loss and suffering. That we work for the well-being of our children and adolescents who need guidance and direction.  

Namaste is the dream of recovery and awakening of individual and collective freedom for the celebration of conscience and of this miracle which is the Life.

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